Cannonball Globe by Douglas-Wayne Illusioneering, Dave Dorsett, George Richbark

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On page 295 of More Magic Professor Hoffman described The Cannon-Ball Globe. In 1992 Douglas-Wayne Illusioneering, founded by George Richbark and Dave Dorsett, created this beautiful reproduction staying true to Professor Hoffman’s description. And what a beauty it is.

Effect: A highly polished metal globe rests atop a pedestal. The top is removed to show a cannonball within. The ball is shown freely and replaced inside the globe. A hat or box is shown empty. When you re-open the globe, the cannonball has vanished and in its place you find a number of silks, flowers, cards, etc! Where is the cannonball? In the previously empty hat, of course! Read about it in Professor Hoffman’s More Magic.

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