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Zig Zag Rocky by Douglas-Wayne Illusioneering, John Mendoza

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This is the Rolls Royce of Zig Zag Rockies! This is a terrific mini illusion perfect for any type of show but especially kids. Unlike some of the cheaper versions made, this one includes a visual convincer at the end that really adds to the illusion.

The cabinet, originally built by Douglas-Wayne Illusioneering to John Mendoza’s specs and sold by John, is beautifully designed. When Rocky’s mid section is slid over, you can open a small “tickle box” to display his fur. The convincer at the end is when you pull Rocky from the top of the cabinet, and his tail is visibly pulled into the bottom window ….. just as it should look if Rocky was in one piece! In mint condition, complete with instructions.

Effect: After playing with your Rocky Raccoon, you place him into a brightly decorated cabinet. Rocky’s nose is visible at the top, and his tail sticks out a window in the bottom. Two blades are pushed through the cabinet, and Rocky’s mid section is moved over as in Harbin’s famous Zig Zag Illusion. All is reversed, and in the end Rocky is still in one piece.

(Description supplied with permission by Joe Long)

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1 review for Zig Zag Rocky by Douglas-Wayne Illusioneering, John Mendoza

  1. Andy Martin

    We Love You Rocky!

    If you’re going to do the zig-zag rocky do it with quality workmanship! This is a lot more than just thinking that rocky bends with the blades. This is a clever illusion!

    The gimmick on this adds the special magic to an already entertaining effect.

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