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Brama Rice Bowls (Brahmin Rice Bowls) by Morrissey Magic

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The Rice Bowls is Indian in origin. The earliest version of this effect was created by P&L as The Great Brahman Rice Bowls. They are closer to Lota Bowls than Rice Bowls with nothing added or taken away.

These were made Herb Morrissey for Morrissey Magic, but are missing the extra spare bowl that sometimes comes with their set.  Supreme Magic in England sold these too and called them The Great Brahmin Rice Bowls.  So spelling is not very strict with these magic dealers 🙂

Effect: Two bowls are shown empty, one of the bowls is filled to the brim with rice, the rice doubles and the excess rice is removed, then the remaining rice vanishes only to change into water. The water is poured from bowl to bowl. ONLY – Here’s the big difference with these bowls. The two bowls are shown to be unmistakably empty at the beginning, a spectator maw look right into the bowls. No disc or rubber covers are used, the principle is scientific. This is exactly how the trick is done, it is how it should be done. At the finale the flow of the water is under the control of the magician at all times, he can stop or start the flow at will.

All bowls are highly polished and the interiors of bowls are black. Available in copper or aluminum.


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