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Chip Lift by Erhard Liebenow

(c. 1969) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

This is essentially a micro version of Blue Phantom using chips. A chip with a black edge and white center is seen to rise sequentially up to the top. This rare item was created by German magician Erhard Liebenow, who specialized in magic involving chips and was awarded a first prize at the 1973 FISM in Paris. Chip Lift was later remade by Magic Wagon as Mini Phantom. Everything can be examined at the end with minimal sleight of hand, including the base.

Effect: You show a small colorful tube, clear through and empty. It goes onto a small (examined) base. Into the tube goes the black chip and on top of it goes four white ones. A small cover is placed on the tube – when the tube is lifted the black chip has moved up one place and is now second from the bottom. The effect is repeated again and again until the chip moves to the top position! It’s Amazing!

Repeatedly throughout the routine the tube and the cover are shown empty … there seems to be no loop-hole to enable you to perpetrate the deception … But you DO …. and cleanly and easily! Examine – it! At the end EVERYTHING can be left with spectators to examine … yet the apparatus is cunningly faked.

A very nice Micro-magic trick for connoisseurs of this type of mystery.

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Approx. Price: $150.00 (2009) ***

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