New Joining Silks by Tricks Co.

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Here is an interesting take on the classic David Devant effect: 20th Century Silks.  In this case the middle silk is not vanished but all three silks are shown cleanly tied to a small plastic board.  They are untied and poked through the holes and when one silk is pulled from the end all three silks now become tightly tied together.

This originally came with three 8″ silks (which have some tears and are pretty damaged) – but I’m not sure if is even possible to perform with 8″ silks.  I substituted 15″ silks but I’m still not convinced how effective this trick is. It is something you would need to see without knowing the secret. I quickly tried to do a video of this but was unable to do so without more effort and gave up.  If someone can do this well I’d love to see it as I may just not be understanding the instructions that well.  It was created by one of Tricks Co’s best inventors: Toshio Akanuma so it is likely I’m missing something.


  • Original plastic board + silks (some damage to the original silks)
  • three 15″ silks (bonus)
  • Original red box and instructions

Effect: Three Silks are tied to a black plastic board. Unite these silks and pass them through their respective hole on the board. Next, pass the end of red and yellow silks through one of the small holes of the board, pass the end of yellow and green through another small hole and pull out the silks by the end silk.

The silks are tied together instantly!

Everything may be handing out for examination the end.

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Includes: Printed Instructions.

Approx. Price: $75.00 (2022) ***

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