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Devil’s Handkerchief by Viking Mfg.

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The Demon Handkerchief first appears in Professor Hoffmann’s Modern Magic c. 1876 (pg. 195) and it is basically the same as what we call the Devil’s Handkerchief today.

Effect: Viking’s Devil’s Hank is the finest on the market and affordable. With our hank you can vanish any small article without that tell-tale bulge found in most similar type hanks. Ours is expertly sewn and made of the finest material. The inner bag is ‘free-floating’ so that it will not pucker the outside of the hank. This prevents the tell-tale bulge which will kill the effect.

Designed for professional use. Can be used to vanish a watch, ring, coin, ball, egg, or similarly-sized items. Top quality material and construction.

No fumbling as you look for the ‘secret opening’, since we have added hidden beads in the hem to insure success. Please note that the color and design of the hanks may vary from the photo.

We assure you that this is one of the finest utility hanks available for the vanish of small objects. New larger size: 20″ x 20″; larger capacity load area.

NOTE: We currently stock the blue hank; the red bandanna may be ordered as a custom design; inquire. We will also make any Hank of your choosing with your material; inquire.

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Approx. Price: $25.00 (2003) ***

Notice: I am not a dealer and this item is not for sale on this site. It maybe available in the links below or at our sister site: qualitymagicsales.com, but not from here so please do not ask.
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1 review for Devil’s Handkerchief by Viking Mfg.

  1. Anonymous

    Best Devil’s Hank–hands down.

    Viking quality is combined with an age-old principle to create one of the most durable and well-made utility handkerchiefs on the market. Every magician should own one…and don’t accept cheap imitations. Buy this one and it will last you a lifetime.

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