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Unfathomabill by Innovative Deceptions

Another great money item from Innovative Deceptions.

(Notice: this description is due to be updated – please see here for more details.)

Approx. Price: $40.00 (03/2010) ***

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1 review for Unfathomabill by Innovative Deceptions

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Tom Pearson

    Baffling and Unique

    Here is another baffler from Max Krause. I love this effect of Max’s, too, as it has a unique twist that makes it different from any other torn and restored bill effect.

    Basically, the magician shows the spectator what looks to be two halves torn from the same dollar bill that he has recently found on the street. However, when he looks more closely at the two halves, he notices that each half has a different serial number. Realizing he has two torn halves of two different dollar bills, he proceeds to try and restore the bills to make one fully restored dollar bill. He folds the two halves a couple of times and then unfolds the bills right in front of the spectator’s eyes. Magically, the two halves have been fully restored into one single dollar bill. The kicker is that the restored dollar bill has two different serial numbers on the bill, the very same numbers that were on each of the two halves previously shown. It’s quite incredible to actually see that the dollar bill has two different serial numbers. Never seen anything like it!

    This is fun to perform and really fools the audience. I highly recommend you get this Max Krause effect. You will enjoy carrying this little gem around with you and performing impromptu or in a close up routine.

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