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Bill To Impossible Location (B.T.I.L.) by Max Krause

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Effect: “Max has taken a classic idea and made it 100% practical and foolproof. This is all his own. What the intercessor did for “torn corner,” Max’s BTIL has done for serial number identification. I think this will end up in the act of top professionals. If you like this basic plot, you’ll definitely want to step up to BTIL. ” Brian Platt

The magician borrows a bill from a spectator and the serial number is noted for future reference. The bill then mysteriously vanishes only to be found in another spectators wallet, a cash register, a sealed envelope across the room, a sealed box, can, or anywhere else you can imagine. This is a guaranteed show stopper! Comes complete with everything necessary to perform. This is a totally unique version of a classic effect without using any of the old methods.

(US Currency only)

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Approx. Price: $60.00 (2010) ***

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2 reviews for Bill To Impossible Location (B.T.I.L.) by Max Krause

  1. Tom Pearson

    Diabolical and Outstanding

    This is another Max Krause winner that absolutely will slay ’em. You borrow a bill, ask a spectator to write down the serial number and then you cause the bill to disappear. So far so good, right? What slays ’em is that you cause the bill to reappear in the most outlandish and/or impossible location right before the spectators’ eyes. They have been watching you the whole time and see you vanish the bill…but when you cause it to reappear in a most insane location, and you are able to prove it is the same bill when the spectator verifies the serial number of the bill, well, just watch their reaction.

    This is as close to real magic as you can get. There is no explanation as to how you accomplished the effect.

    I highly recommend this effect. It is a great buy and one you will enjoy performing in any setting.

  2. Mike Vance

    Easy Mentalism

    Max’s bills are beautiful. They look like the real thing. BTIL is easy to use and well-crafted. If you want a bill to anywhere effect, this is the one for you.

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