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Supercoin (US Half Dollar) with V1 DVD by John Kennedy

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Effect: It’s Absurd… It’s Insane… It’s SUPERCOIN!

  • With SUPERCOIN you can pluck coins from midair, make coins vanish into thin air and have everyone gasping for air!
  • It’ll feel like you have super powers as coins bend, change into other objects, visibly penetrate cups and much, much more.
  • SUPERCOIN is different. It’s not a shell. It’s not a flipper. In fact, it’s not like anything you’ve seen before. It’s so different, it has a patent pending!

Carry this revolutionary new coin gimmick and you’ll have a concealed weapon in your pocket! It also comes with a DVD that will teach you several super-stunning routines.

What people are saying:

  • John Cornelius: “SUPERCOIN opens up whole new possibilities.”
  • Gregory Wilson: “SUPERCOIN is so versatile. I immediately put two routines into my working repertoire.”
  • Nathan Kranzo: “I own just about every coin gaff known to man but most of them stay on the shelf and don’t get much use. John’s new SUPERCOIN has been in my pocket since I got it and I think it will stay there for years to come.”
  • R. Paul Wilson: “SUPERCOIN fills your pocket with magic and fills your imagination with new ideas. I love it.”

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Approx. Price: $105.00 (2008) ***

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1 review for Supercoin (US Half Dollar) with V1 DVD by John Kennedy

  1. Brett Schulman


    This is another winner from John Kennedy. This coin is available in many different versions. I found the 1/2 dollar size to be the best. So many effects can be accomplished without alot of slight of hand.

    The workmanship is top notch and while the coin should not be viewed from the side the routines make this easy.

    This is a far better product than the Wong coins and should not be confused with them at all.

    I would suggest buying the extra dvd as there are many great routines that are not on the included dvd.

    Coin magicians will love this product and will come up with many different productions and vanishes.

    A+ and highly reccomended

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