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Mystery Box II by John Kennedy

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This is the second version of John Kennedy’s amazing Mystery Box which won Trick of the Year 1997 in The Magic Menu – and could have being doing so for many years since if I had a vote! It is still my most popular close-up effect of all time. The main difference with this version and the first one is that the illusion is now in 3-D so the audience sees a creased, folded card inside the box. To my mind it was a useful change, but the first version really worked fine, and I’d never had anyone comment about the box before.

Effect: Magician brings out a small wooden box and places it on the table. A playing card is freely chosen and signed by a spectator. Card is shuffled back into the deck. Magician asks: “Do you think that I can find your card in less than 10 seconds without even looking at the cards?” He holds the deck behind his back for several seconds, brings it back out, announces “I’ve found it!.” He points to the wooden box. But, no way! No one has been any where near the box! Magician asks the spectator to lift the lid of the box and see what is in there. It is a folded card.

The magician picks up the box with his empty hand and tips out the card onto his open hand. The box is clearly empty and there is one folded card in the magician’s hand – with no moves or covers he asks the spectator to open the card. The spectator unfolds the card. It’s his card with his signature!

The box is made in solid Walnut with a clear lacquer finish and looks like an elegant canister, not really a prop.

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1 review for Mystery Box II by John Kennedy

  1. Andy Martin

    Still one of my all time favorites!

    The John Kennedy Mystery Box has got to be one of the most convincing and impressive signed card effects ever. Quite simply the effect is exactly this: a small box is placed on the table in front of the spectator then they choose and sign any card, and it is shuffled back into the pack. The performer attempts to find their card behind his back and he announces he has found it and that now it is in the box that has been in front of the spectator all this time. They open the box and see a single card folded in the box. This card is tipped onto the spectator’s hands – and the performers hands are clean and the box is empty. It is their card with their signature.

    This never fails to amaze them!

    Most Highly Recommended!

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