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Scotch and Soda Magnetic (Eisenhower Dollar) by Tango Magic

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Tango Magic have introduced a special line combining One dollar Eisenhower and a beautiful Copper coin (copper Liberty).  This is their Magnetic Scotch and Soda and as far as I can tell it is basically the same as Eddie Gibson’s Coin Unique.

Effect: 1 – The magician shows a COPPER COIN and an ONE DOLLAR in the left hand. He closes both hands and when he opens the left only the COPPER COIN can be found because the ONE DOLLAR has appeared in the right hand!

Effect: 2 – The magician shows a ONE DOLLAR and an COPPER COIN and places them in the hand spectator. The magician then asks the spectator to put their hands behind their back and pass a coin without looking. Then he asks the spectator to open the hand with the COPPER COIN and amazingly, there is a COPPER COIN! But the magician opens his hand only to find a quarter! The ONE DOLLAR has vanished!!

Effect: 3 – The magician shows two coins; a COPPER COIN and an ONE DOLLAR, and places them on a pad or tablecloth. He then waves his hand over them for but a second and uncovers them only to find one coin! When he lifts the pad/tablecloth, the ONE DOLLAR is revealed!!

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Approx. Price: $80.00 (2016) ***

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