Magna Coin Box by Johnson Products

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Effect: An Okito Box routine with an endless variety of incredible vanishes, productions, and penetrations plus a knock-out finish. Spectator places coin in box and covers with lid. Box is set on address book and instantly, coin passes through box and address book. Routine is climaxed by spectator seeing five coins in box up until last second when they pass through box and hand. Comes with solid brass box, two gimmicked halves, and a special address book.

A beautifully machined Coin Box turned from solid brass plus a genuine leather pad and all necessary gimmicks including a Special Kennedy Half together with our audience tested routine.

Kennedy Half makes penetration of box and hand, vanishes and reappears. Finally several halves penetrate box and hand. Coins are shown to be unmistakably in box prior to penetrations. Box may be examined and may be used for the usual Okito and German Coin Box routines.

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Approx. Price: $30.00 (2005) ***

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