Penny Whimsy (Traveling British Coppers) by Richard Buffum, Owen Magic Supreme

(c. 1890,1976) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

This effect is described in Hoffmann’s More Magic (The Eight Coins and Two Brass Covers, pg. 163).

Effect: A mind-boggling, pocket-sized coin illusion during which a heap of four British large pennies pass mysteriously, one at a time, to join another heap of four large pennies. Each heap is momentarily covered with a beautiful, little cover of spun brass, highly polished and lacquered.

This is a classic routine of magic, unavailable for at least a half century. Its origin dates back nearly a century ago. A description of it may be found in Professor Hoffmann’s “More Magic”. However, new techniques have been added and the routines streamlined for sophisticated, contemporary audiences.

There are some sleights to learn, but the secret moves are of the simplest kind. Once mastered from the complete instructions that accompany Penny Whimsy, you will have at your fingertips an astonishing coin illusion. The pennies seem to fly from one cover to the other, without any false motions or diversions, until a stack of eight pennies is found under one cover.

You will receive, in addition to the instructions: A pair of solid brass covers (see picture) modeled after those illustrated in “More Magic”. Strike them together and they ring like bells. The covers were manufactured exclusively for Richard Buffum by Owen Magic Supreme. These alone undoubtedly will become “collector’s items”. Also, the set of 1967 British large pennies in brilliant uncirculated condition. The set includes the necessary pair of exquisitely gimmicked coins that help do the secret work for you. Johnson Products was prevailed upon for these.

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