Imposs-I-Bill by Dr. Schwartz

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Effect: Imposs-I-Bill by Dr. Schwartz is a great improvement over a trick called “Band It Bill” l that was sold in the seventies. The basic premise is the same; A dollar bill is folded and made to penetrate a rubber band spread between the thumb and index finger.

The effect looked good back then but in this new version by Dr. Schwartz some of the drawbacks have been eliminated enhancing this effect greatly. You are now able to perform this with a borrowed banknote and if you wanted too a borrowed rubber band.

Imposs-I-Bill now uses a removable gimmick which can easily be added and removed during performance. you are not limited to American banknotes, this works with foreign bills as well as regular pieces of paper.

Special gimmick supplied with detailed step by step instructions. very easy to perform, looks amazing!

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