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Fantasy Rising Cards by Dr. Schwartz

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Based on the effect Solid Gold Gimmick marketed by Richard Himber c. 1957, Fantasy Rising Cards is a clever twist in the ever popular rising cards theme.

Effect: A deck of Bicycle cards is shuffled. Three spectators freely select cards from the deck. The cards are then shuffled back into the deck, which is returned to the card box. Now place the deck into a simple wooden stand. The stand is completely ungimmicked and may be examined. It’s only purpose is to hold the deck upright. At your command, one card begins to slowly rise from the deck! Of course, it is one of the selected cards! Just as eerily, the other two selected cards rise from the deck. It looks really magical!

Here’s the cool part. The deck is not gimmicked, the stand is not gimmicked. The gimmick is a very small mechanical device that comes and goes during the routine. So, you start clean and you end clean. The gimmick is precision made and makes the trick a real worker! There are no threads or wires or rubber bands. You will love the method. Comes with the wooden stand, deck, gimmick and full instructions.

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