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Coin Classic by Collectors’ Workshop

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Collectors’ Workshop created this beauty.

This extraordinary piece of apparatus was first developed by England’s master clock maker, John Martin.  In that version, four half dollars were placed in a glass and covered by a silk. The glass was balanced on a cigarette case which was, itself, balanced on a second glass. Then the performer moved away,  gestured and, incredibly, the coins visibly penetrated to the lower glass, one by one.

The CW Coin Classic has been redesigned to fit neatly within a card case (which, by the way may be shown on both sides before the effect).  It is hand-crafted of heavy gauge brass and steel. It is precision poetry in action.

The original routine is included in the manuscript, but also suggests additions and alternatives.  It’s a perfect end to an Okito box routine, for example.

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1 review for Coin Classic by Collectors’ Workshop

  1. Andy Martin

    Easy and Truly Mystifying

    If you perform this correctly, this is about as magical as it gets. A small amout of practice will leave you with one of the finest effects from the Collector’s Workshop stable – without selling your home!

    Quite simply, 4 coins audibly penetrate the bottom of the class and a card case one by one. Very sweet!

    (Thanks to Art Begun for reminding me how good this effect is.)

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