Chinese Set by Joker Magic

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Effect: The Chinese Set was a runaway best-seller at this year’s national conventions! A coin routine like no other.

Hold two laminated playing cards face down in your hands. Ask a spectator to name two cards. She names two cards, you turn over the cards in your hand, and they match! Of course, your cards are written in Chinese letters, so it is a little difficult to verify! As soon as the groans subside, you put the two cards together and a Chinese coin appears!

Show the cards on both sides, put them together and another Chinese coin appears. And another and another! Until you have four Chinese coins on the table! A great lead-in to your favorite Matrix routine. A powerful routine on its own.

Comes with the two cards and the very special set of Chinese Coins. You will be thrilled with the workmanship!

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Approx. Price: $99.95 (2006) ***

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