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Cash Paddle by Jay Leslie

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The Cash Paddle was a favorite of the Dutch master craftsman Eddy Taytelbaum c. 1966 who made several beautiful versions. This version from Jay Leslie is well made from wood with a high quality mirror surface.

Effect: Five tricks in one. One coin becomes two, two become four and three become six then a dollar appears, finally the magician asks how it was done, before the audience can blink he shows mirrors on both sides of the paddle! One of the best paddle tricks ever, made from various hard woods. Each one is different due to the nature of wood products. We are sure that our paddle will be a collectors item, each one is signature stamped Jay Leslie.

Notice the half round cut outs on the handle (right photo, bottom paddle). This design was created by Jay Leslie on 3/28/00. This cut out creates a feel like a beacon of light to your thumb and lands naturally as you flip the paddle. The coins sit in a recess allowing you to perform with less angle problems.

The mirror is polished stainless steel and cut to the shape of the inset then epoxied in place so it will stay on twenty years from now. This is quality work that looks good and feels good. The routine is fun as just when your audience thinks it’s over you spring a new surprise on them.

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Approx. Price: $25.00 (2001) ***

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1 review for Cash Paddle by Jay Leslie

  1. Andy Martin

    Almost The Best Cash Paddle Around

    Jay Leslie makes some fine wood and brass effects. This cash paddle is no exception. Great feel to it and the mirror is nice and shiny – not those cheap old things you see elsewhere.

    I think you need to keep an eye on young Jay since his stuff has a very nice feel of high quality to it!

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