Stainless Steel Buddha Coin Boxes by Chazpro

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A limited edition of Chazpro’s popular Buddha Boxes with the “Belly” sides created in Stainless Steel. Comes with Okito, Boston, and Slot boxes. A single lid and travel bag. A well priced set that fit half dollars and look great!

Effect: The Buddha Okito Box is a standard Okito Box, except for its exterior. It’s been designed for the individual who wants a coin box that’s more attractive than the standard ‘pill box’ design. However, this box design is more than attractive. The ‘belly’ side helps facilitate standard Okito & Boston box turnover moves. For those experienced with Okito and Boston Boxes: You don’t need to put your finger tip under the bottom edge of the box to flip it over (righting an upside-down box). The box can be flipped with your fingers on the sides of the box. In addition, the radius on the top and bottom rings on the box facilitate turnover moves on the table. Lastly, there is a radius on the inside edge of the lid. This helps facilitate the lids removal during turnover moves.

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Approx. Price: $99.95 (2016) ***

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