Voodoo Ritual by Larry Knecht

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Mentalist and inventor Larry Knecht from Atlanta, Georgia, conceived of this wonderful effect in the late 1940’s and after performing and honing it while posted in Indochina released it c. 1956.

Audience is invited to participate in a Voodoo Ritual, in which the performer is the “victim.” A multi-colored effigy is introduced and the audience is asked to call out various parts, as represented by a different color. As each color is called, a pin is stuck in the corresponding portion of the effigy. Performer has written one color on a piece of paper, which remains in full view of the audience throughout, stating that he will prevent them from naming this color by a “Protective Mental Force.” At the conclusion of the ritual the color remaining unpenetrated on the effigy proves to be the same as that named on the paper, which is unfolded and read by any member of the audience.

Features of this Effect:

  • Complete instructions with patter incorporated in a 12-page illustrated booklet
  • An authentic voodoo theme
  • Can be performed without sleights and with very little practice
  • Two alternate routines given
  • Suitable for any type of program
  • Nothing to conceal and can be handled freely
  • All necessary materials furnished including an authentic hand-made effigy
  • Attractively packaged . . .

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