Ultra Card Castle by Sam Dalal

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The Card Castle was probably invented by G.W. Hunter c. 1882 with improvements from Louis Nikola c. 1931 and Eric Lewis c. 1945.

Supreme Magic Company marketed a version called Ultra Card Castle c. 1972 so I’m guessing Sam Dalal took the name and copied his version from that time.  They were sold by Tannen’s and others around the same time. Of course it could be the case that Supreme were also outsourcing to Sam Dalal at the time.

Effect: Card Castles make for colorful and intriguing productions. The performer drops some cards on to a tray. He covers these with a handkerchief, which is then lifted away to reveal the cards in the form of a large Card Castle. Use it as an effect by itself, or as a big visual climax to a card effect like the Six Card Repeat.

A simple Card Castle which folds flat in an instant and which can be quickly pulled up into shape. The collapsed Card Castle takes up very little room indeed. It can be lying flat on the table, or it can be on a tray covered with a silk. Its use forms the ideal climax to any card act.

Playing cards are tossed on to the table and on to the silk there. Suddenly the silk is whipped up and away to show a giant of a card castle thirty inches jigh. Completely erect, standing on the table.

The Ultra Card Castle packs so flat it is possible to produce two or three of these. They certainly make a most impressive display and form a telling finish to any card act. Another idea is to use the Card Castle as a production item, producing these from a foulard.

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