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Timecard by Gordon Bean

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Effect: A Bulletproof Method:

  • The card is selected in a very fair manner, with spectators having the chance to change their minds as many times as they like before settling on a choice.
  • The time is selected by simply being named, with no force used—or even possible.
  • The time may be chosen before the card, or the card before the time—it works either way.
  • The writing on the back of the card is large and bold, seemingly with no explanation as to its appearance.
  • Back and fronts of the rest of the deck are visible throughout the routine.
  • Automatic reset.
  • No table needed; perfect for walk-around, yet suitable for stage work.
  • Long-lasting. (No rough and smooth.)
  • Professionally manufactured from standard Bicycle brand playing cards.

Timecard is a great trick, with an easy handling, and a quick reset. What more could you ask for? – Marshall Petersen, M.U.M.

Timecard was one of the highlights of my recent bar stint at The Magic Castle. I like hearing people yelp “NO WAY” – David Regal

The time on the back always gets audible reaction. – Tom Ogden

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