World’s Wildest Joker by Gordon Bean

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Effect: Using a different set of cards than Jinks, The World’s Wildest Joker features some of the cleanest changes ever seen in a packet effect. Only the four cards displayed are used, and each sequence is deceptive under the brightest lights. The patter hook is especially strong, involving whether or not a spectator dreams in color. No table is needed, and it resets quickly.

Patter: “There are many talents that are helpful to a magician, but there’s one I just don’t have, and that’s the ability to dream in color. I’ll show what I mean with some blue-backed jokers. If I touch them, they all stay black-and-white. But if someone else touches them, and that person can dream in color, one of them blooms into full color. So now you’ve got a multi-colored dream, but the only way I can get one is if you help me….thanks. The only problem is–if you put out your hand–that come the next day, my dream will fade so it looks like all my other ones…while your dream becomes one…we’ll never forget.”

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