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The Revelation by Dean Dill

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Effect: Someone draws a picture of (any) playing card and that actual card is found to be inside an envelope which has been in plain sight the entire time.

The freely thought of card is actually in the envelope and there is absolutely NO SWITCH:

  • They can think of any card from a deck of 52, including the Joker. There is NO FORCE.
  • They can change their mind, right up to the point where they sign the picture.
  • The “prediction” envelope is in plain sight BEFORE the effect begins.
  • The handling is super clean. There are no suspicious moves.

The card is seen inside the envelope right before it is POURED DIRECTLY INTO THEIR HAND.
Comes complete with 3-ring binder, note pad, marker, Revelation envelope, and 8 page, full color, photo-illustrated instruction booklet.

AS I WRITE THIS I IMAGINE 10,000 more speculative posts are appearing on the internet regarding this trick. In the interest of full disclosure, the instructions state “The inspiration for Dean’s ‘Revelation’ is David Regal’s ‘Gambit in a Box’.” As, however, Dean has eliminated both the gambit and the box, I feel I can review this without conflict of interest.

The effect the audience will remember is this: An envelope is openly displayed. A member of the audience is handed a pad of paper and asked to draw any card. The magician slowly opens the envelope and tips it so the spectators can see inside. They see one folded card. As they burn the card with their eyes it is slid out of the envelope into their hands. They can see the complete interior of the envelope-it is now empty and intact. They unfold the card-it matches the card they drew. Dean has taken various sneaky elements of our craft and put them together in a way that creates a streamlined machine that delivers a powerful, direct effect, one that can be repeated over and over with different results. As is usual with Dean, he has worked out touches that bring everything up a notch. Although I was familiar with the basic method used due to the fact that Dean has shown me his extensions on “Gambit” over the years, an important element of this effect solidly fooled me.

Another thing this trick has in common with other releases from Dean is the fact that it is not cheap. Are you paying for some crazy electronic holdout that spits cards into envelopes? No. You are paying for an effect that Dean has literally worked on for year’s. This trick is not difficult to execute, but it is not self-working-it is for the worker”.

Considerations: You’ll need to save up.

(David Regal – Genii Magazine, March 2009)

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Approx. Price: $250.00 (2010) ***

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1 review for The Revelation by Dean Dill

  1. Tom Pearson


    I love Dean Dill’s magic, and this latest creation is really incredible! His methods are so clever and diabolical. (I have his "Blizzard" card trick and "Dean’s Box", and they are great, too!) The reviews from other magicians are nothing short of fantastic. This effect is so much fun to perform, and it really is astounding to your audience. Dean’s construction and routining of this effect are great…top notch quality and a performer’s dream! The props are very ordinary looking, a 3-ring binder, yellow pad, and an ordinary looking envelope like you’d get at any office supply store. Dean’s instructions are very detailed and well thought out, and he gives you every move and the thinking behind each one.

    The effect consists of introducing an ordinary envelope and placing in front of the audience. The the magician/mentalist calls on a spectator to draw a picture of his/her favorite card on a yellow pad and sign their name on the picture. Then the envelope that has been in full view of the audience is opened by the spectator and inside is the folded card the spectator just drew.

    This is a performer’s delight. I highly recommend it. Dean is such a wonderful guy, and his magic is as well.

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