Believe it Or Knot by Dean Dill

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Effect: Here’s a fun off-beat rope effect:

The magician causes a loop in a rope to turn into a square which he then slides off the rope. The magician does this a second time but this time he links the two squares together. Believe It or Knot is a wonderful addition to any rope routine.

Here is a very cute interlude with a piece rope, suitable for the stand-up or strolling performer. (It would also be a good trick for kid show performers.) The routine goes like this: The magician shows a short length of rope. He forms a simple knot, and the knot slides off the rope. Another knot is tied, and this knot unties itself. The magician discusses square knots. He ties a loose knot and as the ends of the rope are pulled the knot actually takes on the shape of a square. This “square knot” is slid off the rope. A spectator is given the rope and ties a loose knot. As the spectator pulls the ends of the rope, he too produces a “square knot.” This knot is slid off the rope and it links onto the square knot that the magician had produced.

“Believe it or Knot” is based on routines by Masao Atsukawa and Alan Lambie. Dean’s routine is very simple to learn and very effective. When Dean performed it, the steal of the “square knot” went right by me. The props are very nicely made and should last a long time. I liked this a lot. Recommended.

(Michael Close – Magic Magazine, November 1999)
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