The Gypsy Box (X-Ray Box) by Fantasma

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This is an improved version of the old item released by Mikame.  It looks and feels more solid than the original Mikame version, but for all key metrics it is effectively the same item.

Effect: A spectator is asked to place an object that is meaningful to them inside the box. Ropes are tied around to secure it.  The magician is able to divine what that special item is. New original mechanism that will even fool the best mentalists. Meticulously hand made with wood inlay in the USA exclusive to Fantasma.

Also it could be used as a large Lippincott Box where something is vanished appears inside the secured box. Alternatively you could vanish items from the box too. With a little imagination you could also use it to switch billets and questions. There are no electronics involved and nothing is added or taken away. Also, once the box is secretly opened apart from the side direct to the performer there are no angle issues or flaps sticking out. You also don’t have don’t have to hide anything in your hands.

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Approx. Price: $250.00 (2016) ***

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