Psychic Compass by Fabrice Delaure

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Effect: A compass and five cards, chosen in a pack, are presented to the audience for inspection. Once checked, the magician places the compass at the center of the table on the remaining cards, and marks North, South, East and West with 4 of the 5 cards.

The magician asks a spectator to make a “magnetic amplifier” with the remaining card, which is rolled up lengthwise and inwards. Once the card is rolled up, the spectator rubs it on his arm to magnetize it, then carefully holds it out towards the compass: the compass starts swinging and turning!The magician asks the spectator to give the card to his neighbor, who in turn, rubs it and holds it out towards the compass: the needle stays put!

The first spectator takes the card back and re-magnetizes it: the needle starts turning again! The magician, taken aback, suggests that the second spectator unroll the card and roll it up lengthwise, but the other way: finally, the compass needle moves! To focus even greater energy, the magician suggests that the first spectator roll up the card again, but width-wise this time. Having rubbed it for all he’s worth, he holds out the card towards the compass: the needle goes crazy, and starts turning, seemingly endlessly, in all directions! It is completely out of control! The magician orders the spectator to tear up the card: the compass stops immediately! The torn-up card is offered to our 2 would-be physicists as a diploma. By the way … the compass is not rigged!


  • Fully automatic and ready to use! No PK magnet, stooge, or remote control!
  • The magician has nothing on him, the audience does all the work!
  • Totally impromptu trick,requiring no preparation!
  • Ideal for Table Hopping!
  • 6 minutes of non-stop performance, play-acting with a spectacular finale!

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