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Synonymental by Ed Mellon

(c. 1956) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

Synonymental was invented and sold by Ed Mellon. It quickly became Ed’s all time best seller.

Effect: where three cards are chosen by volunteers from a deck with the word of a common object on each; then, when three borrowed objects are placed on these cards, they are found to match.

After the cards have been shown,they are separated into three face down piles and a selection of one from each is made by the spectator. On the first is placed a pencil, on the second a cigarette, and on the third a quarter. Strangely enough, When the cards are turned over, they have the same names as the objects resting upon them. The spectators get the impression of fairness throughout and are left with a
minimum of clues with which to try to reconstruct the action.

Several other effects with the cards supplied are suggested by Ed.

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