Synchronicity by Jeff Sheridan

(c. 2017)

A well priced and effective idea from Jeff Sheridan with some great looking boxes that I’m sure you’ll find other uses for! The other good thing is that although it comes with five items the boxes are large enough that you could pretty much choose any five small objects to use which can greatly enhance the patter possibilities. Needless to say the performer can always find the box that contains the spectator’s item.

You receive 5 beautifully executed wooden boxes engraved with ESP symbols. Each box contains an interesting item; a key, a ring, a small pencil, a stone and a penny. The spectator mixes the boxes and then settles on one without knowing its contents. The performer turns his back so that he can not see the spectator’s selection. The spectator then replaces the box and mixes it with the others.

Now comes the interesting part. The performer begins tapping the lid of each box at random and then asks the spectator to silently spell the name of the item he is thinking of as the performer continues to tap the boxes. When the spectator finishes spelling the item (let’s assume its the KEY), he calls ‘stop’. The performer pushes the box that he last tapped forward and it proves to be the box that contains the thought of object!

Includes: Printed Instructions.

Approx. Price: $99.00 (2018) ***

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