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Supreme Divination by Louis Gaynor, Thayer Quality Magic

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Divination was first released by Floyd Thayer c. 1922.  It was invented by the always creative Ed Massey and described in his book New and Original Magic.  This version was repcreated by master craftsman Louis Gaynor with permission from Owen Magic Supreme.

Effect: Do you want something in the way of a new and baffling effect that will stand the test of the most critical?  A solid brass bar is dropped into one of the three numbered openings in a Beautiful Walnut wood case. Without having seen this done, the performer can tell which number contains the bar without touching the case or opening the lid instantly!

Performer never touches the cabinet. No magnets! No electronics! No confederates! The principle has stood the “test of time” and stands alone! Ingenious! You will love the “modus operandi” of this beautifully created effect. Made in high-class walnut and deserves a nice place in your collection. 

Supreme Divination is self-working, instantly repeatable (no reset is required) and exceptionally deceptive.

Dimensions are 5.25-inches long by 3-inches wide and 4.5-inches tall. Whether you purchase it as a collector, mentalist or magical performer this is one item that easily appeals and satisfies all of the disciplines of magic.

“This is unquestionably one of my top 10 personal favorites in magic! It’s an effect that will provide both you the performer as well as the spectators a tremendous amount of joy. I can’t tell you how many magicians I’ve fooled with this effect!” — Joe Stevens

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Approx. Price: $250.00 (2013) ***

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