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Spirit in the Coffin by Milton Bradley

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Effect: The audience is shown an ancient coffin which you explain is inhabited by the spirit of a magical tribal king who lived long ago. This ancient spirit will help you to read people’s minds! You then show the spectator four cards, with a different symbol. You ask the spectator to mentally select one card. You predict which card this will be and secretly “tell” the spirit in the coffin, then seal it so your prediction can’t be changed. The spectator then points to the card he or she is thinking of, when the lid of the coffin is raised the spirit speaks! It’s voice says which card was picked. It is the spectators selection.

Spirit in the Coffin includes: Electronic coffin unit, four symbol cards, fully illustrated easy-to-follow instructions with special performance hints.

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1 review for Spirit in the Coffin by Milton Bradley

  1. Brandon Thomas


    This effect…originally sold for children from Milton Bradley is incredible. If you’re able to locate this (I believe it is no longer made) GRAB IT! You will not regret it. It is a little prop-py so if you’re a straight mentalist it might not play well in certain circumstances…but just as a must-have effect to perform…it’s incredible…and very, very ingenious!

    Lee Woodside first introduced me to this little baby–and I was on the hunt for my own Spirit in the Coffin.

    Get it!

    Brandon Thomas

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