Cesaral Psychokinetic Twig by Cesaral

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Effect: A twig is balanced on the edge of a table, on top of a glass, or in a spectator’s hand. The performer then walks to the other side of the room. After exerting tremendous mental powers directed at the twig, it slowly moves and finally falls onto the floor! The spectator canimmediately pick it up and examine it.

A nice presentation idea:

“I was walking around and found that someone cut some branches from a tree. Some of them had some kind of strange blood; they seemed to have suffered from the cut! I took one little twig from one of those branches with me, and I cleaned it carefully at home. Then I discovered that the twig behaved in a strange way… I put the twig in my hand and noticed how it tried to reach a glass of water that was on my table. I had the twig in my hand just as you will have it now (you put the twig in the spectators hand), and the twig tried to reach its needed nourishment of the water… the twig was trying to revive! You will now feel the twig’s same needs while it is in your hands (then the twig moves slowly on the spectator’s hand, until in falls on the floor, close to a glass of water, for example)!”

An uncanny display of your mental powers done with an “ordinary” twig!

Important points:

  • No need to switch the twig.
  • You can do the effect in the spectator’s hand and without any reset in a glass (for example).
  • You can combine it with Cesaral Psychokinetic Pencil and the Cesaral Psychokinetic Pen.
  • The twig can be fully examined as an incredible secret mechanism is used!
  • No need to switch the twig.
  • Fast reset to do the effect in any situation.
  • It uses no threads or magnets in performance.
  • No need to switch the twig.
  • And … No sleights are needed to do this effect!.

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