Psy-Match by Bob Solari Magic

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Effect: Spectator is shown two piles of face down cards. Each pile contains four cards. One pile is red back, the other blue back. Spectator is asked to choose either pile by picking it up. [absolutely no force!] The performer picks up the remaining pile. Both performer and spectator turn their packet face up. Each packet consists of [example] the four Jacks [Clubs,Diamonds, Spades, Hearts] Both packets are turned face down and mixed. Spectator mixes their packet, the performer mixes his packet.

Spectator is asked to place any one of his cards face down without looking at it. The performer now places all his Jacks face down on top of this card. This is repeated three more times. The packet of eight cards is turned face up and spread. All the cards are in matching pairs! The Jack of Hearts are next to each other, the Jack of Clubs are next to each other, the Jack of Diamonds are next to each other and the Jack of Spades are next to each other! WOW! A PERFECT MATCH!

  • Can be repeated,
  • no force,
  • no sleights,
  • no one a head method,
  • only eight cards are used,
  • instant reset,
  • cards are 100% examinable!

Complete with Bicycle Brand Cards

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