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Sneaky Sneaker by Bob Solari Magic

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Effect: Performer asks the spectator to merely think (no force) of any card. Performer holds a face-up deck of cards in his hands. A small sneaker is placed in full view on the table. Performer asks the spectator to name out loud the name of his/her thought of card. Let’s say for example the spectator calls out the 2H. The 2H is located and cut to the middle of the deck. The deck is placed face down on the table. Performer places the sneaker on top of the deck. He explains that the sneaker will find their card. After a few seconds the sneaker is removed from the face down deck. The deck is ribbon-spread on the table. One card and only one card is seen to have a sneaker imprint on its back! This card is turned face up and it’s the thought of card! Deck can now be used for your next card routine.

  • No Force!
  • Learn in minutes!
  • Complete with deck, sneaker, gimmick and easy to follow instructions.

(Notice: This effect should not be confused with Sneaky Sneaker created by Kenichi Kuroki in Tokyo c. 1988, the only thing the two effects share is the name.)

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