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Pre-Clip-Tion by Supreme Magic Company

(c. 1973) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

This is a wonderful and simple to do mental effect created by Edwin Hooper and Ian Adair of Supreme Magic c. 1973.  Although Ton Onosaka might not have been aware of this effect, it appears to be the same method with inferior props as the item he later produced called Future Traffic.

For such a simple prop you get a surprisingly lot out if it and I think you’ll enjoy performing this.  There are two strong outcomes and one not so strong, but according to tests this outcome happens rarely.  Anyway, nice to see this early Supreme effect that was copied almost 30 years later.

Effect: Here’s an exceptionally clean piece of mentalism that you’ll enjoy performing. The mind-reader picks up a simple plaque. He shows that on one side this has been divided into three white squares. He explains that on the other side there are also three squares but these squares are different because they are in colour. – Three different colours…red, yellow and green.

He shows three ordinary clothes-pins, one of each colour and drops these into a clear glass bowl at the front of his table. He requests a member of the audience to nominate any one of the coloured pins and this he takes up and clips in position at the top of the plaque.

A second pin is chosen and this goes in the second position. One colour pin remains and this is lifted up and clipped in place at the bottom.

When the plaque is turned around, it is seen that the squares on the reverse side are each brilliantly coloured and by some strange coincidence, or was it mind-control(?), the order of the colours exactly matches the order of the pins as chosen by the spectator!

There’s no forcing of any kind. It’s not a ‘once only’ trick. There’s nothing to go wrong. We believe we have a very unusual, interesting, appealing effect here and one which is so simple to present that it enables you to concentrate entirely on putting it over.

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Includes: Printed Instructions.

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