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Paddle Waggle by Ian Adair

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Not only was Ian Adair a key driving force behind the success of Supreme Magic Company he has created over 1000 effects and written over 300 books on magic. He also created one of the best paddle effects ever created: Paddle Waggle.

Effect: It’s one of the cleanest and most surprising paddle routines that you will see. Magician takes from his pocket a small, nicely made paddle made from wood, lacquered grey. Over the paddle fits three plastic covers. The small covers are in alignment and cover the body of the paddle completely. Covers are decorated with colored plastic spots on each side. Magician freely shows the set-up then pulls the covers off to show the plain surface of the paddle beneath.

Covers are replaced and the magician commands the spots to JUMP, to leave the covers and to appear on the paddle beneath. Astonishment WHEN TWO OF THE SPOTS DO SO! The third set of spots remains static on the cover. Everything is freely shown and the spots have actually penetrated through the covers. The magician attempts to cause the last two spots to vanish and appear on the paddle.

Now for the beautiful climax … instead of the two spots leaving the cover, all six spots come together on it.

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