Picture This by Larry Becker

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Effect: It fits snuggly in your pants or jacket pocket. It’s a miniature faux digital camera. The measurements are 1-1/4 inches wide by 1-1/8” high by 1-1/8” deep. Actually it’s on a key chain. But here’s the best part. When you point the camera and press the shutter button, you hear two authentic shutter sounds. Just like the real thing. And to top it off, each shutter click is accompanied by a bright LED flash. Two clicks and two flashes.You would swear a picture has just been taken.

Now for the all-important effects. The performer removes three opaque manila envelopes from his pocket and places them on the table. He explains that each envelope contains either a $5, $10 or $20 bill. The spectator mixes the envelopes so no one knows which envelope is which. He is now asked to fairly eliminate all but one of the envelopes. NO FORCE! He is then requested to peek into the envelope and to note the denomination of the bill inside. He is the only person to know this critically important piece of information. And the envelopes are NOT marked.

The performer removes his key chain on which there is a miniature, but authentic looking digital camera. He asks the spectator to visualize the denomination of the bill in his freely selected envelope. As he does so, the performer appears to take a picture of the thought in the spectator’s mind. The camera clicks twice and two bright flashes of light are seen to emanate from the flash port on the tiny camera. Showing the camera to a nearby spectator, the performer asks him to call aloud what image is now showing on the rear of the camera? “A five dollar bill” the spectator responds. The performer asks the spectator holding the selected envelope to remove and show its contents. Everyone sees a $5 dollar bill. Your audience has been royally entertained and baffled as to how such a demonstration could be possible. Incidentally, you can also do this as a bet. Naturally
you always win. To top it off, once you know the diabolical secret, you can extend the number of envelopes and anything else you want to place in an UNMARKED envelope.

This is just one of several equally entertaining effects you can perform with “Picture This!” And best of all, the effect can be repeated with a different result each time. Great for walk around, close-up, and even for a larger audience. A shuffled deck of cards is
displayed front and back and spread across the table. A participant is asked to carefully slide ANY one of the cards out of the deck, NO FORCE. The deck minus one card is squared. The freely chosen card is dropped on top. The performer shows the selected card to the participant and the audience members. Removing a small faux digital camera, the performer takes a picture of the card the participant is thinking of. The back of the camera is shown to a member of the audience. He sees a four of hearts. The participant is asked to call aloud the card he is thinking of. Bingo! The four of hearts. Can be repeated with a different outcome each time. But WAIT! There’s more! A participant selects one of five ESP designs. Same result. The performer scores again. Finally, five spectators remove personal objects and place them in a row on the table. A watch, a wallet, a ring, a credit card, and a coin. Four of the objects are freely eliminated and again, the performer snaps a picture of the spectator’s thought and the selected item is shown on the back of the camera.

Comes complete with full instructions, camera, key chain, envelopes and ALL the secret things you need to perform this great effect. Forgive me for saying this, but it is easy to do. No sleight of hand is required. No electronics other than the sounds and flashes from the miniature faux digital camera. No magnets plus a diabolical NEW PRINCIPLE!!!

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