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Perspex Prediction by Rob Bromley

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This is a wonderful improvement on U.F. Grant’s original effect called Slate of Mind from Rob Bromley.  Adding the cards under the elastic is a little stiff but the illusion is perfect.  Notice how all of the front and the back of the cards are shown which is not possible in the original version.


  • Perspex Frame
  • All Cards required
  • Bonus Wooden stand

Effect: Perspex Prediction will fool the best of Mentalists and Magicians!

A prediction is made. It is the name of a card yet to be selected by a member of the audience. The magician displays a transparent perspex plastic board. Six playing cards are attached to the board horizontally. The board is permanently numbered one through six next to the individual cards. Five of the numbers are eliminated by audience spoken choices. The card next to the remaining number is removed from the board and shown to


All the cards are different and the full face and back of the cards are seen throughout the effect. This is very clean and direct with no forcing of a card or a number.

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Includes: Printed Instructions.

Approx. Price: $60.00 (2019) ***

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1 review for Perspex Prediction by Rob Bromley

  1. Andy Martin

    Wow! Easy, Cheap, And Very Convicing Prediction!

    This is a very simple little outfit from Rob Bromley and it is amazingly clean. You show the perspex board with 6 cards attached. You can clearly see through the perspex. The spectator names any number – no force – and you turn over the card at that position. You can take the whole card out and freely show it. This card matches your prediction. You then turn around the board and the other cards are all different.

    This is a great value and well made, and will fool the magician’s who know other methods such as Perfect Match and The Animals Came in Two by Two. No sleights or switches.

    Of course there is always one issue with magic – it would have been nice if the elastic was not quite as tightly threaded to make it a little easier in placing the cards under them!

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