Three Mystic Dice by National Magic Company

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Here is a vintage item from the 1940’s from the collection of William A. Watson.  Similar effect, but different construction, to the Thayer item released c. 1922 called the Eli Dice Box, this pretty version was created  by The National Magic Company.  The Eli Dice Box and this item are often confused with the Sure Shot dice box, however they work quite differently.  The Sure Shot dice box is closer to the Tenyo item Flash Dice or the beautiful Loaded Dice by Alan Wakeling crafted by George Robinson under the Collectors’ Workshop brand.

This  version uses the same method that Richard Gerlitz used in his 2002 effect called Oriental Die Box, which is probably the prettiest version I have seen.  In my opinion, Three Mystic Dice and Gerltiz’ Oriental Die Box use a more versatile method that is a more convincing than either the Eli Dice Box or the Sure Shot Dice Box.

The box allows the magician to control the roll of three fair dice, no matter how vigorously the box is shaken.  And provides multiple phases.

Effect: #1 – Performer hands to the spectator for examination three dice and a box. Spectator is asked to verify that both top and bottom of box are removable to prove that box is unprepared. Spectator is then given a piece of paper and pencil. Performer turns his back and requests spectator to shake the dice up in his hands and then place them in the box, but before placing cover on the box to count the
total spots: on the tops of the dice and to write that number down on the piece of paper, turn the paper over.

Spectator is then asked to put cover on the box. Performer takes the box, shakes up the dice, turns his back, and requests spectator to open the box and count the total of the tops of the dice, as they now lie in the box, and to write this total under the other number already noted on the paper. Performer then asks spectator to take the dice from the box, shake then up in his hand and roll them on the table, count the total of tho top of the dice as they lie on the table, and to enter this number under the other two.

The Performer then names the sum total of the three numbers which is found to be correct.

Effect #2 – This effect is the same as above, except that the performer does not at any time see the dice (in Effect #1 performer does see the dice as they arc thrown on the table.)

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