Nelson’s Dr. Q Slates by Maverick Magic

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These slates were originally designed by Carl Owen for the famous mentalist Claude Conlin (Alexander), when he was working for Floyd Thayer and are positively the most ingenious slates for producing two sets of writing ever designed.

The best versions ever built came from Thayer and Owen’s, however this set from Maverick Magic are still very well made, finely crafted from Maple and measure 9 1/2″ x 12″. 

Effect: (Basic): Two handsome slates, each with hardwood frames are thoroughly cleaned by the spectators. Slates are then placed together, held so a few seconds, separated and the inside surfaces of both slates are filled with writing. Both slates may be immediately handed for examination.

Nothing added or taken away. It’s all mechanical. Slate surfaces are of best grade, slate painted aluminum.

Effect: (Bob Nelson Routine included) Performer states he will make a prediction. With a piece of chalk, he writes “something” on a slate, but does not disclose it to the audience at this time. A second slate is placed on top of the slate to prevent anyone from seeing the prediction.

Entering the audience with the slates, the performer solicits the loan of a dollar bill-any bill from any spectator. So that the performer has no knowledge of the serial number on the bill, it is inserted between the two slates, number side down.

Here, a logical argument is presented that the spectator (who loaned the bill) and the performer are total strangers-that there is no collusion existing between them. That the performer’s chances of “guessing” the serial number on the bill would be one in millions! It is necessary in this, and in all prediction tests, to establish the utter impossibility of foreknowledge, and to destroy every thought of collusion.

“You, sir, selected a dollar bill at random from your wallet? I could not possibly have known in advance that YOU were to loan me any particular bill. Upon your word of honor as a gentleman, we have never met, much less arranged any part of this procedure? Thank you.” Performer takes the two slates apart, revealing his numbers marked in chalk on one slate, and using the slate as a tray, and without touching the bill, offers it to the original lender or any spectator to complete the verification of his prediction.


  • Two beautiful Dr. Q slates finely crafted from Maple
  • Chalk + Ribbon
  • Full original Bob Nelson routine
  • Limited Edition, long sold out

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Includes: Printed Instructions.

Approx. Price: $250.00 (2020) ***

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