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Dr. Q Spirit Slates by Owen Magic Supreme

(c. 1917,1967) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

These slates were originally designed by Carl Owen for the famous mentalist Claude Conlin (Alexander), when he was working for Floyd Thayer and are positively the most ingenious slates for producing two sets of writing ever designed.

Dr. Q was a fictitious mentalist created by Claude Conlin (Alexander), Floyd Thayer, and Carl Owen in 1917 to push Thayer’s line of apparatus and tricks in mentalism. Conlin was later replaced by Bill Larsen.

Effect: Two handsome slates, each with hardwood frames and bound around the edges in red and black striped cloth, are thoroughly cleaned by the spectators. Slates are then placed together, held so a few seconds, separated and the inside surfaces of both slates are filled with writing. Both slates may be immediately handed for examination.

Nothing added or taken away. It’s all mechanical. Slate surfaces are of best grade, slate painted aluminum. Please do not confuse these slates with any others offered. These are the finest. This is without a doubt the nearest approach to genuine spirit writing ever accomplished.

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1 review for Dr. Q Spirit Slates by Owen Magic Supreme

  1. Andy Martin

    Well made but takes some practice!

    These guys are very well made. I have a bunch of slates and these clearly surpass all of them. But these do have the downside that you actually have to practice the handling to create the illusion cleanly and QUIETLY. But if you can be bothered, then you have a real fooler!

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