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Mini Zarra by Pete Burrows, Bloodyjack Incantations

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Mini Zarra is the budget version of Pete Burrows (BloodyJack) Madam Zarra effect, which is a wonderful dressing up of the Stephen Minch effect Fortunes of a Wise Fool from his Book of Thoth (which Pete did get permission from Stephen to use) and which was also reprinted in Genii March 1997Fortunes of a Wise Fool was in turn based upon Ed Mellon’s amazing Synonymental.

Effect: A 3.5″ high close up Fortune Teller, hand crafted in Teak. Comes with a full set of Tarot cards, 5 arcane-looking coins and the hand made electronic gimmick. The soothsayer shuffles the Tarot and deals all of the major Arcane out on the table the spectator places 5 coins, 1 on each row of cards and Madam Zara gives a reading for each card that matches exactly.

If that was not eerie enough, after the reading the Fortune teller booth is shown to be totally empty and void of any electronics.

(In my version, which was received before the final version was released, I used tiles instead of coins that had a prediction of the final card chosen.)

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Approx. Price: $25.00 (2005) ***

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1 review for Mini Zarra by Pete Burrows, Bloodyjack Incantations

  1. Andy Martin

    Ah Some new Quality Innovators!

    Pete Burrows aka Pete’s website – you will not be dissappointed!

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