Mind-O-Matic by R. Paul Wilson

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Effect: Forget about ESP, stop trying to be tele-pathetic, throw out those old psychic amulets – the Mind-O-Matic is finally here! After 2 years of research and refinements, R. Paul Wilson’s Mind-O-Matic device allows you to read a subject’s thoughts with ease! Simply fit your victim with the special iTHINK display and mind reading is as easy as ABC!

Even members of your audience can read the subject’s thoughts. The Mind-O-Matic detects thought wave patterns that identify what the spectator is looking at and even penetrate the brain to reveal a thought of card! The Mind-O-Matic can even be set to work as a lie detector! Mind-O-Matic is a highly entertaining way to present mind-reading effects. It can be set to reveal anything you desire – the performer has complete control over what is actually displayed on the spectator’s forehead!

Comes with two powerful effects – a thought reading effect where the device reveals the colors of cards the spectator is looking at (in a packet they shuffled and selected) and finally reveals a thought of card. It also comes with a simple but extremely powerful lie detector effect and Paul’s powerhouse “Subliminist” routine: Three cards are selected. Two are returned to the deck, which is then shuffled. The device is fitted to another spectator. The magician then riffles the cards once towards the spectators eyes…the thoughts begin to appear – a number! The spectator counts down to that number and finds the first card. Another number – the spectator finds the second card. Finally the spectator concentrates and the name of the last card appears on the screen!

Perfect for parlor, close-up, or stage performances! Comes complete with everything you’ll need, including custom transport case, performance and explanation DVD with Paul Wilson and Handsome Jack, AKA John Lovick!

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