Mephisto’s Bottles by Darrell Mac

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Effect: The Mephisto’s Bottles is a 15-20 minute routine that takes a Wish Maker or (spectator) on a story of Riches, Tragedy, Reward and Enlightenment.

Telling a story of a Cursed Genie, you ask the Wish Taker if they Have three Wishes that they would like to come True… However for a cost of course, But not to worry. They jot the wishes on a piece of parchment without out the Mage knowing and is burned as an offering to awaken the Genie, but to be warned that the cursed Genie resides in the one of the bottles in the box, however there are three bottles to chose from. One of which has the Genie that will grant the wishes, and the others are just regular bottles collected over the years.

The Magi asks for the Wish Taker to remove a bottle and to hide it into either hand. Once done, the Mage starts to receive a feeling from the Genie allowing him to know which hand he’s hiding. After revealing the Genie bottle you start to have the Wish Maker focus on their wishes and commences to wake the Genii.

With an out stretched hand the Genii sleeps, and as he wakes, he rises to become fully charged granting these wishes three. Naming each wish as its being granted. The Wish Maker will be Shocked as to that, only they will know the wishes being thought of.

Now that the wishes have been granted the Wish Maker is reminded of the story. In Reminding them that there was only One Bottle that would contain the Genie and grant wishes, but at a price. And to show them that they Correctly yet unfortunately were attracted to that bottle. A piece of paper folded inside the box is shown and opened to reveal, that they would Indeed selected the Correct bottle.

Acknowledging the deal made for the wishes, the Magi offers to buy back the bottle at a loss, along with the curse. Thus giving the Wish Maker a Keep sake and a Blessing of Enlightenment, always Remembering the Experience and Wisdom shared As the Magi receives the bottle once again for safe keeping, removing the curse from the Wish Maker and Allowing a Blessing of the Genie to be Bestowed…

Be Careful for what is wished for My Friends

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