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Mastermind 2 (Book of the Mind) by Magic Dream, Viking Mfg., Peter Warlock

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Slate of Mind (also know as Book of the Mind) employs a clever mechanical slate used for a book test and was invented by Peter Warlock and marketed by Harry Stanley and Max Holden c. 1958. (It is not to be confused with a slate and 6 card effect of the same name invented by U.F. Grant)

This version by Magic Dream is a modern reproduction of the Warlock effect and looks and works well. Another version of Warlock’s Slate of Mind can be found here.

This was distributed by Viking Mfg. and manufactured by Magic Dream and it was a well-made slate prop that has a builtin crib for three complete books, over 475 pages and words completely indexed. The prop, like the original Peter Warlock Slate of Mind has six sliding panels that pull out to show the words printed on white paper, and then and slide back to leave noting visible other than the dark grey surface.

The slate can be disassembled easily to change the Crib for different books, but at the typeface size, the total number of pages for three books cannot be changed much. As with other slate props, some participant freely chooses any of three books and any page, then you secretly look up the word in the Crib and use chalk to write it on the same surface that shows you the Crib. A variety of nice hardcover novels are included

Effect: This is the only book test you will ever want to perform. No need to peek at pages, no need for the volunteer to count down columns, and no need for phony moves. Your volunteer only needs to select any one of the three books offered, (no forcing required) look at any page they choose, name the page number out-loud, and you instantly tell them the first few words on that page. You can perform Slate of Mind with one or more volunteers, and you will always be correct Your volunteer can even he in a different room or on the telephone for that matter, no matter where your volunteer is, you are always correct with your clairvoyance. This is such an ingenious device, that you won’t believe it when you see it. No skill required, you will read peoples minds in seconds, and leave your audience awestruck!

Mastermind 2 does not come with any books, use your own.

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1 review for Mastermind 2 (Book of the Mind) by Magic Dream, Viking Mfg., Peter Warlock

  1. Andy Martin

    Howie was right on this baby!

    I have bought a lot of slates over the years, so I was very skeptical when my good, but short friend, Howie at the Trickery, recommended this baby. Who needs another slate? Well I think you can dump your others for this one!

    It is beautiful and better than any slate I have ever seen. It works with any books too – astute observers might notice that the 3 books in the photo actually come from Larry Becker’s Ultimate Flashback, but for this effect the books are totally ungimmicked.

    You ask 1 or 3 spectators to turn to any page of any book and you immediately write down the first word on the page. Its that clean.

    This really is a sweet slate! Thanks Howie!

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