The Magic of Pavel by Peter Warlock

(c. 1969,1981) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

Details: Peter Warlock brings you the superlative magic of Pavel in this collection, The Magic of Pavel. Pavel was a creative force in magic, and this text contains a wide-ranging set of his effects, from close-up to parlor and stage, and including ropes, silks, rings, and more.

Contains a collection of 40 tricks from the magician Pavel. Illustrated with drawings and b/w plates. Illustrations by Josef Manas and the author.

Contents: (from book ToC, updated Nov 2017)

7 Preface (Peter Warlock)
11 Author’s Foreword

15 Part One – Magical Creation

27 Part Two – Take Your Choice! Magic For You!
28 Tri-Colur Ropes
31 Escapo Silk
33 Three Beakers
36 Confetti Game
39 Colour Knot
41 Striped Rope
44 The Packet of 19 Cigarettes
47 Silken Balls
49 Encore Records
52 Prisoner Ring
54 Knotted Ring
56 Secret of the Ring
58 Bottled Silk
61 Wonderful Bottles
63 New Colour Changing Balls
66 Discolora
69 Metamorphosis
72 Op-Art Trick
75 Travelling Rings
78 20th. Century Newspaper Silks
80 Travelling Spots
83 Jet Rope
86 Extraordinary Die
89 Square or Circle
91 Simple Penetration
93 Changing Silks
96 Ultra-Combination
99 Pavel’s ‘Blendo’
102 Three in One
106 Four Silks To One
108 Travelling Knots
111 The Yellow Rope
112 Devil’s Rope
115 The Magic Organ
117 Mixed Up Wine and Water
120 Geo-Mystical
123 Confetti Shower
127 Triple Ribbons
130 Silks and Rings
133 News-Silks Knotting
136 The Original Records
139 L’envoi

  • Publisher: Supreme
  • Pages: 139
  • Location: Bideford, Devon
  • Edited by: Peter Warlock
  • Dimensions: 7″x10″
  • Date: 1969, 1981
  • Binding: hardbound

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