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Marvelous Mikame Drawer by Mikame Craft

Another great mentalism item from Mikame Craft.

Approx. Price: $275.00 (01/2004) ***

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1 review for Marvelous Mikame Drawer by Mikame Craft

  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    Andy Martin

    A Clever Piece that Magician’s will like!

    This piece from Mikame Craft is beautifully made with a clever mechanism to allow you to reveal a card or image that is placed beneath the close-up mat.

    It is made to the usual high standards of Mikame Craft, though interestingly enough is finished in black instead of their more usual natural wood. It can be used as your close-up case with 3 felt lined drawers to put items, and at any time you can have them choose a card or write on a piece of paper with your back turned. Then to ensure no one can see it you ask them to place the card underneath the mat. When you turn back around you remove from one of the drawers in the unit a pad and paper and proceed to describe the card, etc.

    This is one of those effects that will surely please magician’s but it seems a bit unnatural to put it under the mat, what’s wrong with just turning it face down. It’s a small point but worth considering. The way I justify it is that I first have them choose a card freely using a marked deck and get them to put their hand over it. I then reveal their card by stroking the hand and reading the vibes. Then I say "Let’s make it really difficult this time. When I turn my back I want you to take out any card look at it and slip it under the mat so there is no way whatsoever I can know your card." Of course I still get the card right.

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