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Tiny Box by Mikame Craft, Clarence Miller

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This is a direct rip-off of Clarence Miller’s fabulous Little Box invented c. 1983. It was built without permission or approval of Clarence Miller by Mikame Craft and without any credit to the creator.

The box was introduced to Mikame when Stevens Magic Emporium took Clarence’s original versions to a magic convention in Japan c. 1999. Clarence was disgusted by this and although he knew he couldn’t do much to stop the counterfeits, he did complain to Joe Stevens who stopped purchasing the item from Mikame.

It is a shame to see such a talented craftsman as Yonezo Mikame so openly copy an idea without any credit whatsoever 🙁 Knowing how gracious Clarence was I’m sure if Mikame had handled it differently a better solution could have been found.

Effect: After showing the little box (2″ x 2″ x 2 13/16″) empty from all sides, the top is removed and a sponge ball or silk instantly appears withing the empty cabinet! This looks spectacular and performs like a mechanical marvel.

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2 reviews for Tiny Box by Mikame Craft, Clarence Miller

  1. Anonymous

    Beautiful woodwork and eye-popping magic!

    Everything about this prop represents the very best of Mikame craftsmanship. However, the only down side is that this trick is that most historical info about it points to Clarence Miller as the original inventor. That said, although Mikame has done a great job with this piece, it is disappointing to see him using someone else’s idea as his own.

  2. Anonymous

    Tiny Box

    This item is finely constructed. However, Mikame claimed the idea and design as his own when it was actually invented by Clarence Miller who, as far as I’m aware, sold the rights to Viking Magic.

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