Illumin-Ace (Magic Switchboard) by Paul Bernhardt

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Another great mentalism item from Paul Bernhardt. I thought this was the original “Magic Switchboard”, effect, but recently found Impossible which was 21 years earlier. Paul is also the inventor of the Wellington Switchboard.

Effect: If you have an effect called “Lucky Lite” then you will absolutely remain in disbelief to the abilities of this portable close up miracle. A box measuring 3 1/4″ x 2″ x 1 3/16″ having two light bulbs and two switches, one black and one red is shown. The purpose of this is to demonstrate the magical principle that Aces of one color can only be illuminated by pushing electrical switches of the same color.

If a black Ace is held behind one of the bulbs it can only be lit by pushing the black switch. By placing a red Ace in back of the other bulb the magician demonstrates that it is only lit by operating the red switch. Reversing position of the Aces reverses the connections between the switches and the lights.

Even more amazingly, putting two red Aces behind the two lamps allow them both to be illuminated by pushing the single red switch! Under these conditions, the black switch becomes disconnected and pushing it does nothing.

This is quite an amazing unit and all self contained as no other connections or devices are used to make the effect happen. The cards which you will supply are normal in every way and alternate routining is given with the theme of sending Morse Code as in World War I if cards are not used.

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