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Spirit Slates by Fab Magic

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Fab Magic was founded in 2003 in Colon, Michigan (the Magic Capital of the world!) by a partnership between Marilyn Abbott Richards (the daughter of Percy Abbot who founded Abbott’s Magic) and Rick and Cheryl Fisher. Sadly Marilyn passed away at age 67 in 2006, but Rick and Cheryl continue to run Fab Magic to this day.

Effect: Two slates (8.5” x 11” STAGE SIZE) & (5″ X 7″ JR. SIZE) are displayed and locked together. A volunteer is asked to select a playing card from a deck of cards and return. The ‘spirits’ know what card you selected! Upon opening the slates there is the selected card written in chalk!

The frames are locking, with magnets are installed in the frames so you don’t need rubber bands or strings to hold them together. These slates are made by Fab Magic in their factory from the finest solid American Poplar hardwood then painted to make them look old and authentic. They are ‘quiet’ in operation. Most manufacturers use black lacquer paint which makes it tough to remove the chalk dust. FAB uses ONLY chalkboard paint (3 coats) on both the slates AND the gimmick! Smooth as silk to operate and a dream to use!

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